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Our Story

It all started when I was just a kid, I spent my days in the kitchen of the family hotel in Italy, seeing and learning from my father. Little by little I began to become more and more interested in the world of gastronomy to the point where with 12 or 13 years I was already creating my first dishes.

Since then I have grown in the kitchen, practicing, learning and improving more and more. After years working in restaurants and hotels, in which I met my wonderful wife Vivi, we decided open our own restaurant focusing on the typical recipes of my family.

I remember we found Ronda by chance, while traveling by Andalucia on holiday. By the time we discovered it, we knew it was here that we wanted to open the restaurant.

Since then we have been growing, to the point where we are now at the top of restaurants in Ronda, thus obtaining the «Certificate of Excellence of 2019 from Tripadvisor.


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